Sunday Noise

Sunday Noise is a series of blog posts by Richard Kentopp aimed at helping pastors, lay leaders, music directors, and worship leaders begin to think critically and creatively about the music in their worship gatherings. These are just the beginnings of conversations and are not meant to be copy and pasted into your context. Please comment, post, share, and discuss!
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Sunday Noise Intro
Why We Sing on Sundays

Exhibit A: Songs
1. Four Reasons We Don’t Sing ‘Praise & Worship’ Songs
2. Well What Songs Do You Sing Then?
3. ‘Me and God’ vs. ‘Us and God’ Songs Part 1: Examining the Top 25 of 2012
4. ‘Me and God’ vs. ‘Us and God’ Songs Part 2: Interpreting the Data
5. Four Suggestions for ‘On Topic’ Song Selection
6. How Often We Sing Our Songs Part 1: Examination of 2013
7. How Often We Sing Our Songs Part 2: Interpreting the Data
8. How do you work a new song into your catalog and rotation?
9. How do you manage your pool of worship songs?

Future posts will address questions like these:
– how do you deal with gender inclusive language in songs, both about us and about God?
– how do you choose an appropriate genre of music for your congregation?
– how do you put together a band?
– should I hire musicians or draw from my congregation? or both?
– what does every band leader need to show up with on Sunday mornings?
– how do you lead a band, both in rehearsal and in the worship gathering?
– how do you write new songs for Sunday worship?
– how do I update old hymns?
– how do I excavate vintage Christian hymns or poetry? what is liturgical archeology?
– am I/do we need a ‘worship leader’, a ‘band leader’, or a ‘music pastor’? what’s the difference?
– how much should we pay our ‘worship leader’?
– how do we evaluate our ‘worship leader’?

– how can we use the music at my church as an outreach to those who don’t go to church?
– where do we draw the line between a good spiritual leadership and good musicianship?
– etc. etc.